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It is a well known fact that in Rome there is not a single corner that does not diffuse a special charm of its own due to its romantic history through the ages. For instance, the visitor who climbs up to this quiet, secluded little square calied Monte de' Cenci, should realise that its modest heìght is formed by the ruins of the wide sweep of the Circus built in 221 B.C. by Caius Fiaminius the Censor. Nor is this all: a plaque placed on a house near this Hill, in Via San Bartolomeo dei Vaccinari, records the birthplace of the Roman Tribune Cola di Rienzo, the son of an innkeeper and a washerwoman. In the 16th century it was a green hill sloping towards the Tiber, and it was then that the famous Cenci family erected its enormous palace there consisting of four wings, which eplaced the ancient houses of the Crescenzi. One of the side wings of the palace overlooks this little square where you are now standing: it rises as a squat tower and joins at right angles another facade which shuts off the square. On the right stands the little church dedicated to St. Thomas, at present under repair; it was built by a Cenci bishop in the 12th century and rebuilt several times later. It was last reconstructed in 1575 at the orders of the notorious Francesco Cenci, who arranged for his tomb to be placed in the Chapel to the left of the High Altar. But, as we know, he was killed by his two children Giacomo and 3eatrice in the Petrella Castle in the Sabine Hills, and his body remained there. The parricides were condemned to death on September 11, 1599, and the mortal remains of Giacomo were buried in this church, while Beatrices's body lies in San Pietro in Montorio.
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Travel Agencies, Associations
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We effect lunches in the following days that going from Tuesday to Friday, for
non superior groups to the 15 people.
The devoted timeframe goes from the
12:30 at 14:00 o'clock; it informs besides, what the sale of the account must be effected at the end of the meal.
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