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In this section, we want to bring to your attention some wines that make up our list and they deserve to features for a price quote.
This Sicilian Chardonnay spends a year in oak barrels before arriving on our plates the strength of its splendid characteristics.
This red is made from vines grown Nerello Mascalese to 1000m above sea level. A real challenge, and the final product is a strong and bold and decided by the complex flavor.
We accept the following credit card and bancomat

Open from Tuesday to Sunday
(Sunday only for lunch)

Closed for Summer Holiday
From July 31. Opening September 6

Lunch 12.45 - 14.20
Dinner 19.45 - 22.20

Closed on Sunday evening
and all the Monday

Travel Agencies, Associations
Category, Individuals

We effect lunches in the following days that going from Tuesday to Friday, for
non superior groups to the 15 people.
The devoted timeframe goes from the
12:30 at 14:00 o'clock; it informs besides, what the sale of the account must be effected at the end of the meal.
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